What is SecureShare?

SecureShare is exactly as it sounds, securely share files and messages among business clients , employees, friends and family with out storing  your files on a third party or middle man server. All though geared for sharing files and messages securely, you can keep your personal files safe.

Using AES 128 bit encryption you can share securely through just about anything that can send a file including  email, messenger, text message, flash drives and drop box are just a few.

SecureShare allows you to control who can receive your secure files and messages by the way of using member keys. The same goes for receiving secure files and messages, they can only send back to the originator of the secure file or message. No more worries about breaking company or HIPAA policies by sending messages across public servers and not knowing who owns them.

Can be freely downloaded and used with member keys for the purpose of receiving and sending back secure files and messages from entities that have master keys.